Thursday, July 19, 2007

Little Drops Of Water Make The Mighty Ocean...

Not to long ago, I made a post about Eva Pigford having a sex tape. One of the readers of the blog (shout out to Joe) informed that that pic I posted was actually of the lady in the pic above. Her name is Gemini and she's a porn star. For a peek at some of her work, click here.

Who's the pudgy young man in the pic, you ask? Well that's 17-year-old Sean Kingston. You know..."they make me suuuicidal, suuuicidal". Anyways, the kid apparently tried to get with this young girl who claims she wasn't tryna give it up. Sigh...I can't type any further 'cause I really don't care. Help yourself...

Part 1: Girl Calls In

Part 2: Sean vs. Girl

Kim Kardashian is gonna take it all off in an upcoming issue of Playboy magazine (shouldn't be too difficult for her). It is reported that famed music video director Hype Williams is gonna be behind the camera. Lucky man.