Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Usher & Tameka Foster In NYC

I know a press conference when I see one...

Random Pics: Ebony Black Family Reunion Tour, Tom & Katie, Will.I.Am & More

Steve Harvey, MC Lyte, Doug E. Fresh, and Kool Moe Dee were all at the Ebony Black Family Reunion Tour in Detroit, MI this past weekend.

Too much BET.

Nicole Scherzinger and Will.I.Am were seen leaving Joseph's yesterday in Hollywood.

Sean Kingston was on TRL earlier today.

Ursh & Tameka were spotted arriving at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel earlier today in NYC. Word is that this photo was staged but who knows.

I thought I'd post another pic from the Art For Life festivities. If you don't care for it, my apologies.

OJ Simpson Answers The Tough Questions

Well, not quite...

Curtis Jackson, Philantropist

Word is that 50 paid for a sexy vixen's boob job. My sources would not confirm who the said vixen is...

New Music: Elephant Man featuring Rihanna - "Throw Ur Hands Up"

Apparently Elephant Man is now with Bad Boy....may his career rest in peace. This song is supposedly a leak from his upcoming LP, Let's Get Physical, which comes out this November. It's a cool track...typical Elephant Man stuff but cool nonetheless. And Common's new girlfriend sounds good too. Check it out.


Yung Berg featuring Junior, Jim Jones and Rich Boy - "Sexy Lady (Remix)"

New Couple Alert!!!

Yup...word on the street is that Common and Rihanna are seeing each other. Apparently they met at the Beckhams welcome party and it's pretty much been on ever since. He's 35, she's 19...but you know what? I'd do the exact same thing if I were in his position. As long as she's legal it's okay. Chuch (and hats off to Common).

Random Pics: Tyra Banks, DMC, Britney Spears

Tyra Banks was seen taping a segment for the new season of her talk show in Times Square.

DMC was hanging out with Jeremy Piven and Rex Lee at the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu this past Sunday.

Shitney was spotted in LA getting coffee (of course) and looking every bit the lady we know her to be.

Little Drops Of Water...

Word is that Ursher's wedding is still on....of course, on a later date. Apparently they're "really in love" and what not. Oh and Tameka had a "scare" or something like that...she's doing okay now though.

Star Jones revealed that she had gastric bypass surgery. No. Shit.

Scary Stuff...

Random Pics: "Rush Hour 3" Premiere & After Party, INSPI(RED) Event To Benefit Product(Red), Gwen Stefani, Enrique Iglesias

The LA premiere "Rush Hour 3" took place yesterday at the Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Of course, there was also an after party. Celebrities in attendance include Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Brett Ratner, Magic Johnson, Tyrese, Paris Hilton, DeRay Davis, Chris Rock, Quincy Jones, Rebecca Gayheart, and Eric Dane. More pics below.

There was an INSPI(RED) event to benefit Product(Red) yesterday at Mood in LA. Guests included Kim Kardashian (duh), Melody Thornton from the PussyCat Dolls, Chudney Ross, Mel B & Stephen Belafonte, Ja Rule, Apl from the Black Eyed Peas, and BET host Claudia Jordan. Pics below.

Gwen Stefani performed at the Acer Arena yesterday in Sydney, Australia. The show was part of her "Sweet Escape" tour.

Enrique Iglesias stopped by MuchOnDemand studios to promote his latest LP, Insomniac, yesterday in Toronto, Canada.

Good Morning To You

I don't know if you noticed, but I've never made a post about the Michael Vick case. For many reasons, I have deliberately neglected that story. However, today, I will make an exception.

CNN anchor Larry Smith (the man pictured above) was reporting on the case the other day. Here's what he had to say...

"Keep in mind, too, that while Kobe Bryant is a situation we can sort of compare this to, this really is much worse. Not only can you argue that the crimes are much worse in terms of, you know, killing dogs and that kind of thing."


Monday, July 30, 2007

Lil' Troy Responds To Pimp C

Yes, much like Pimp C himself, I know you might not be completely sure who he is. He had a minor hit back in the day but that's besides the point...as you might remember, Pimp C had something to say about everybody (including Lil' Troy) in his interview in the latest issue of Ozone Magazine. Well, here's what Lil' Troy has to say about it.

Yes, I know...he needs subtitles.

Corey Clark Arrested On Drug Charges

American Idol reject Corey Clark was arrested this morning at about 2:30am in North Little Rock, Arkansas for possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and an outstanding warrant from Arizona.

Homeboy is stylinnn' on us. ATTN Lindsay: take notes.


Random Pics: The Rock, Kim Kardashian, Sean Kingston, Hurricane Chris

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock attended the Summer on the Pier event benefiting 'The Rock' Foundation at the Malibu Pier yesterday with his ex-wife and daughter.

Kim Kardashian was at TAO Beach at the Venetian in Las Vegas this past weekend.

Sean Kingston was at a taping of 106 & Park earlier today doing what he does best...being UGLY. Lol, lemme stop.

Hurricane Chris was on TRL earlier today. There's a child in this picture so I will refrain from all dirty jokes but I'm pretty sure you see what I see.

New Music: Cassie - "Is It You?"

I am told that this song is going to be on the soundtrack of "Step Up 2: The Streets". It's not totally horrible, per se...however, her vocal inability shines through as always. Check it out for yourself.


My Lord And My God...

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Pic spotted @ C&D

Eve featuring Sean Paul - "Give It To You"

Cool video. Eve does some choreographed dancing which was pretty nice. It's a typical dance hall video though...you know, dark blue luminous type of scene...then the dim light against red background scene...lol, you'll see what I mean. It's still a good video though. Check it out.

Hurricane Chris featuring The Game, Jadakiss, Lil' Boosie and Baby - "A Bay Bay (Remix)"

You Know What?

Just read...

SANFORD, Fla. -- The family of a 7-year-old boy in Sanford who was rushed to an emergency room after he accidentally swallowed his "grill" -- or decorative metal mouth piece -- is concerned because the apparatus remains in his stomach.

Bobby Tedesco placed the grill over the teeth after his mother purchased it for $10 at a flea market.

Bobby said the grill fell out off his teeth and he started choking on it. His mother, Dawn Tedesco, attempted to clear his throat, but he swallowed the grill.

An X-ray taken three days after incident showed the grill in Bobby's stomach.

Doctors said there is only one way for the grill to exit.

"Once they X-rayed it, they said they saw it in his stomach (and) that it should pass in one to three days. But now we're going on the third day and still no grill, so I'm a little concerned about what's going to happen," Dawn Tedesco said.

Bobby's mother said she regrets purchasing the grill and warned other parents to beware of the hazard they can present.

"I think everybody should know (not to) buy them. Don't do it," Dawn Tedesco said.

The grill did come with a warning, advising parents to supervise children under the age of 12 who wear the apparatuses.

The American Dental Association does not recommend the wearing of grills, saying they can store bacteria. (no shit, Sherlock -- RichBoi88)


Nothing's Happening

Well folks...it's looking like a really slow news day...it's seems I posted it all over the weekend. What can we do?

Of course, I took it upon myself to provide you with an alternative. Thank me later.

Random Pics: Kanye West, John Legend, Serena Williams & More

I thought I'd post more pics from the Grammy event honoring Quincy Jones. These are of Kanye arriving with his girl, Alexis, and chilling backstage with John Legend.

Serena Williams, her boyfriend Jackie Long, and Macy Gray were all at The Pearl At The Palm to watch Fergie's show in Las Vegas.

Britney Spears was recently spotted out and about and looking...eh...

Paris Hilton arrives for the opening of Opera, a new nightclub in Hollywood looking droed out.

David Beckham was spotted getting coffee at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Beverly Hills this past Friday.