Friday, December 28, 2007

Snoop's Love Child Wants A Piece Of Da Action


Rapper SNOOP DOGG's nine-year-old lovechild wants his father to help him become a TV star - by including him on his reality TV show.

Julian Corrie Broadus reveals he hasn't seen his father for five years and now he wants to play a big part in Snoop's life, and appear on his TV show Snoop Dogg's Father Hood.

The youngster tells America's Star magazine, "I don't want to be an actor, I want to be a baseball player. But I want to be on the show to get to know my family." Snoop had a romance with Julian's mother Laurie Holmond just before he wed wife Shante in the late 1990s, but the rapper's on/off girlfriend claims they had a brief fling months after the nuptials - and her son was the product of that affair.

The rapper initially paid his son visits and paid child support but when he stopped seeing Julian in 2003, Holmond set about proving Snoop - real name Calvin Broadus - was the child's legal biological father.
A ruling was entered this summer (07), and now Holmond is hoping her ex will make their son a part of his new TV show.

She says, "I asked him to start seeing Julian again. He sounded sincere but has yet to come by... Calvin needs to acknowledge him."


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