Monday, December 10, 2007

Khia Says....

As some of you might know, Khia has an advice column in Hood Magazine. In a recent issue, a young man writes...

First Khia let me say I'm a big ass fan, and its hard to find real bitches out here like you. My problem is short and straight to the point. I caught my bitch cheating but she don't kow I caught her. I don't know if I want to leave her yet because even though she cheated on me she still treats be better than any bitch I have ever been with. She cooks, cleans, gives me massages. And the sex, let's just say she got that snapper between the legs. How should I handle it?

- Mr. Jones

Khia responds...
What's really hood Mr. Jones,

Boy look here you fucking with a bad bitch. Let's be real, good pussy don't come without plenty of practice, you're dealing with a professional here. Ya'll been tested? LOL. My advice to you is if you love her, stay. If she's giving you something that you need in your life to feel whole don't let go. We all need balance and if she's apart of your balance deal with it. Just protect yourself and your heart. Hell it is what it is. If she's handling her business and keeping you happy, work it out. I tell my girls all the time, you will know when enough is enough, but don't hold that shit in. Let her know, she's a hoes but you love her anyway. Its karma that you dished out in your past but hey, you can find too many housewives/whores. Hell you said she cooks, cleans, massages, and got good pussy. Hell naw dawg keep her around til you find a real queen to replace her. Communication is the key. Find out why she's fucking other niggas and either try to work it out, learn from the experience or leave that hoe alone. Sheis a hoe and a house wife, how you love that? You ain't going nowhere. Pussy is a powerful thang, you better ask Lil' Wayne!

Ladies and gentlemen...Khia Shamone Finch.

[Shout out to C&D!]