Saturday, December 15, 2007

It's Janet...Miss Jackson If You're Nasty

Word on the street is that Miss Jackson's (yes, I'm nasty) new record, "Feedback", is the biggest leak in music history. Apparently over 1.34 million blogs (including mine) all over the 'net posted something related to the track within 5 hours of its leak. In addition, radio stations all over the US have gotten thousands of requests to play the song.

This is where things get interesting...a whole bunch of websites posted the above information but, however, no one seems to have a source. A few say CNN was their source but I've been Googling hard and have discovered no such thing from CNN. I'm not saying this is impossible....I'm just saying this might be some spin doctor shit.

With that being said, I do think "Feedback" is that comeback track we've been wanting from Miss Jackson. Catcy as hell...kinda sounds like other words, it sounds like vintage JJ (Brit's a biter). Anyways, I'm done. Yay.