Friday, November 23, 2007



For nearly 20 years Damon Wayans has been one of the most recognized comedian/actors of African American decent. His most successful solo venture to date has been "My Wife and Kids," which was canceled in 2005.

This time around Wayans is taking a family approach to it again. But this family isn't doing all that great. In fact, the plot line centers around a brother from an often times undeservedly maligned demographic.

"It's about a Katrina transplant who's got diabetes and a clubbed foot and he's pissed off," laughed Wayans during a recent chat with EURweb. "They turn on the TV and just let him talk."

People in the black media who have had the opportunity to speak with any of the Wayans know the jokes are flying a mile a minute, but Damon says he can find humor anywhere...even in Katrina evacuees.

"It's called Mista Leroy Jones, it's a comedy. Just because it came from Katrina doesn't mean it ain't funny." We thought 'C'mon, man! No you ain't doin' no comedy about no Katrina evacuees?' Wayans answered the unasked question by saying the following:

"Comedy has kept us alive. We've laughed in the face of things worse than that. This is real and this is a voice that hasn't been heard."

Ok, Katrina evacuee comedy, fine! But why the brother gotta have a clubbed foot?

"Because I was born with a clubbed foot," reasoned Wayans. "In order to talk noise you have to be able to see why and there's nothing like a orthopedic shoe to let you know, yeah, he must be mad. Carrying around that damn shoe all the time makes him real mad."

Hopefully the concept of Katrina comedy doesn't make the real evacuees real damn mad. In the meantime Wayans tells EURweb that he has just submitted the pilot to ABC for approval a couple of week ago. We'll keep our fingers crossed for him.