Sunday, November 18, 2007

Guess Who Was Caught Smoking On A Plane?

Cigarettes though...not that it makes it that much better. Read...

Troubled singer Amy Winehouse reportedly sneaked into an aeroplane toilet to smoke a cigarette - and was nabbed by cabin crew.

It's claimed the 24-year-old occupied the lavatory for half the hour-long flight from London to Glasgow.

Reports say she infuriated passengers by locking herself in the cubicle three times - for ten minutes each time.

Eventually a female crew member said over the tannoy: "Our famous little friend is smoking in the toilet. It's just that the smoke alarm hasn't gone off yet," according to The Sun.

Police have said that no complaint has been made - despite smoking on flights being illegal.

The moody singer was rushed away by minders as soon as the plane landed and she swore at a girl who asked her to pose for a photograph.

One of the passengers on the flight told The Sun: "She was lolling in her seat and looked totally out of it.

"She kept locking herself in the toilet. Other passengers were having to troop to the other end of the plane and were getting annoyed."

He said that when the air hostess made her announcement Amy "was so zonked" that she didn't know what was going on.

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