Sunday, September 9, 2007


Okay...let's start with Britney's performance....what the fuck was that?? We'll talk later...there's a lot to be said about it.

Did any of you notice Beyonce dissin' 50 when she came to accept the award??? DAAAMN

Is it safe to say the VMAs are gone and never to return??...we haven't had a good show since '03 and this one's turning out to be WACK.

And why are we presenting "Quadriple Threat" awards at the "Video Music Awards"????

Okay this show was really and truly WACK. Barely made it through the entire show.

Quick Rundown:

The SHOW SUCKED...I know I said that already but WTF???...It was either performances in poorly-lit rooms or performances on overly-flashy stages...I felt like I was gonna have a seizure (and I'm not epileptic).

Why does Justin Timberlake have to win everything?

Did Eve really call Rihanna "Ryhanna"???

How come we only got short clips of some of the performances??...WHAT IS MTV DOING??...They try so hard to vamp things up but they make worse every year. As raggedy as the BET Awards are, they've put on a better show for the past 4 years.

What was Chris Brown doing?

Has Beyonce put on weight? She was bouncing all over when she came to get her award.

Did Sarah Silverman really call Britney's kids mistakes???? That was wrong...but hilarious.

Performance of the Night: Alicia Keys

Honestly, the rest of the show is a blur at this point because it was simply despicable.

And that brings us back to Britney Spears' performance...the belly...the bikini...the weave...what's really good?

Why O Why...why...why...WHY...did she come on stage looking like she's about to give birth? It makes no sense. She needs a manager or someone who's going to be 100 with her at all times.

For the record, I wasn't expecting live vocals...I hear people complaining about her not singing but has she ever?...I mean really...if she at least covered her stomach the performance woulda been a lot better.

And to make it worse, SHE WAS BARELY MOVING...and when she did, it made her belly jiggle (LOL).

I'm going to be kind and say she was rusty/shy...she hasn't done this in a while and she probably didn't know how she was going to be received considering all her crazy antics of late.

Anyways, that's about it...what more can I say?...The show sucked...see you all tomorrow.