Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Little Drops Of Water...

Guess what, Britney? If you come three-and-a-half late to rehearsals with a magarita in-hand when you haven't performed regularly in years, things don't go very well...especially when you just happened to be out partying hours before (and allegedly drugged out of her mind). Thanks for taking my advice.


Jennifer Hudson is going to be in the "Sex and the City" movie. Yay.

Oprah's fundraiser for Barack Obama (pic from event above) on September 8 (the same day as Quincy's for Hilary Clinton) raised over $3 million for his campaign. Good times.

"Why are you leaving?" Rihanna pleaded as Shia LeBeouf ducked out of the Samsung Gleam dinner for Pharrell at Tao. "I need to keep partying," he explained. Not to worry — they met up later. "They're dating," a good friend confirms. "They're just trying to keep it under wraps."