Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Little Drops Of Water...

Apparently Mariah Carey owes her former manager, Jerry Blair, some guap. Word is that he might be suing her and what not. However, sources claim that this movement is the work of Mariah's ex-husband and nemesis, Tommy Mottola (I wouldn't be surprised).

It turns out that Jerry and Tommy Mottola never got along back in the day, but are now on the same page since they work together at Tommy's new label, Casablanca Records. Furthermore, it turns out that Jerry Blair and L.A. Reid (who now works very closely with Mariah) are not the best of friends.

Oh, the drama...[insert music]

Apparently Kim Porter was at "The Real White Party" (no pics of her though). Word is that she and Diddy were "lovey-dovey"...smh...money is the root of all evil.

Apparently it's all a publicity stunt. Surprise.