Friday, September 14, 2007

It Cannot Be That Serious

Please read...

TMZ has learned some major shiz went down on the set of "Celebrity Rap Superstar" on Thursday night!

According to our spies, Gossip Gangstar Perez Hilton was spittin' his rhyme, when the sound on his mic went out (check one-two!). Our sources say Perez kept rapping, but the producers stopped him and told him he could start over because of technical difficulties. Perez finished the song ... and walked off stage.

Shar Jackson was up next. Sources tell us she started just fine, then fumbled her rap, forgetting the lyrics. Rather than letting her fumble her way through, producers allowed her to stop and restart her performance -- possibly changing the competition! We're told Perez lost it and rushed the stage, hollerin' that it wasn't right to let Shar re-do her song!

Then, it got crazazy (They said it, not me -- RichBoi88)! Perez stormed off the set to his trailer. We're told that he said to producers that the show was now phony and refused to go on next week unless the show was live! We're told producers also let "Laguna Beach" star Jason Wahler start over after he f-ed up his lyrics, which sent Perez into a tail spin. The drama!

For their part, MTV says "We had technical mishaps early on which allowed the first two contestants to "re-start". So, to be fair, every contestant was given the option of performing twice. We wanted nothing more than to make this competition as fair for the contestants as possible."


This picture was posted without a picture because none of the parties involved are real celebrities. Thank you.