Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sean Kingston

It kills me to say this...but this kid's album (Sean Kingston) is pretty good. Below are some of its tracks. I didn't post the entire album simply because some of the songs like "There's Nothing" and "Got No Shorty" leaked a while ago and you probably already have them (I actually posted the former two days ago). I am not reviewing all songs individually so I'll just put my stamp of approval [BBB] beside the tracks that I think are really good. Check 'em out.

"Drummer Boy"

"Take You There"

"Change" [BBB]

"Your Sister"

"Dry Your Eyes"[BBB]

"That Ain't Right"[BBB]

"Colors 2007 (Remix)" featuring Vybez Kartel & Kardinal Official[BBB]

"I Can Feel It"[BBB]

"Me Love"[BBB]