Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Music

Will.I.Am featuring Nicole Scherzinger - "I Got It From My Mama (Genetics)"

As you might remember, I posted this track yesterday. You could also listen to it with the link I had posted; now, you can download it if you want. I just learned that the lady singing on the track is none other than Nicole Scherzinger of the PussyCat Dolls. Check it out.


Nicole Scherzinger featuring T.I. - "Whatever You Like (John Boy Remix)"

It's just one of those songs that you don't like but you don't necessary hate. Check it out for yourself.


The Dream - "Shawty Is Da Shit"

I heard this song on the radio two months ago and never heard it again until today. It's by a new artist called The Dream. The song definitely gets my stamp of approval [BBB]. He kinda sounds like T-Pain but not quite as annoying. The beat kinda sounds like R. Kelly's "I'm A Flirt", only ten times better. Check it out.


There's a clean version which I actually heard first...and which I actually prefer. It's called "Shawty Is A Ten". Check it out.