Thursday, July 26, 2007

Little Drops Of Water...

Word is that Usher's girl Tameka has a criminal past and that her ex-boyfriend was killed in an execution-style shooting. The source of this information is, ahem, The National Enquirer so I wouldn't run with this one.

The guy in the pic above is rumored to be Tyra Banks' new boyfriend. His name's John Utendahl and he's a 51-year-old investment banker on Wall Street with lots of $$$. Apparenlty he's the reason why Tyra Banks is moving her show to NYC.

Word is that Kelly wanted to be Beyonce white when she was growing up but Tina, Beyonce's mom, helped her appreciate her chocolate. Yipee.

No, that's not Gwen Stefani with Suge Knight. That's a man.