Saturday, July 28, 2007

Going To Bed...

But before I go, I must share this story with you..okay so I was at work when the Obama scans came in. I open them and this caucasian girl I work with (who kinda acts "black") sees them on my monitor and goes "who's that?". I turn to look at her expecting a "just kidding" and subsequent laughter but no...she was being serious. She then reads the headline "It's Obama time?...who's Obama?". At this point my heart is I ask, "You've never heard the name Barack Obama??".

Brace yourselves.

This young lady replies "Oh yeah, I think I've heard that name before"...then says, and I quote, "he's some supremacist?". At this point, I was hoping someone would come and tell me I was on Planet Jupiter so it would be easier for me to make sense of the situation.

In order not to come off as angry, I decided to change the subject completely (and abruptly). If I had to address what was just said, I would've hurt her feelings and have her and ignorant others thinking of me as some peace activist black supremacist...and I don't want that. As an homage to the ignorance of my dear coworker, I present to you the following video. Enjoy.